Announcement Which plugin would you like to see implemented next?

Which plugin would you like to see implemented next?

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We have a lot of things planned, and are working towards fulfilling all of the plans. But we want to hear from you, the players, which feature you would like to see added first. I will give a description on what each plugin encompasses so you can make your decision with more information instead of guessing what may sound the best.

Auction House: This option is pretty simple and self explanatory, we want to add an auction house. Instead of it being your standard auction plugin, where you run the command and buy/sell from anywhere we want you to have to go to an actual location. This location will be underneath the Community Hall. To buy, sell or pick up an item, you will have to visit the auction house. You will however be able to run the auction command to see what is on the auction house from anywhere.

NPC Enchants:
This option will give 2 NPCs a job that currently dont have jobs. Those NPCs are Wayland Hammerstone (the blacksmith) and the wizard (not named, nor in the world yet). We also have an item planned for this that you receive from mobs which is the Golden Coin(you can currently get this as a 1/50 drop chance from most mobs). What this plugin will do is allow you to enchant a tool with a specific enchantment for an amount of golden coins. This will not affect the repair cost (amount of levels required to repair) of the tool. It will also NOT repair the tool. Instead, it just adds the enchantment if its applicable and not already on the tool.

This option is also self explanatory. As some of you may know, we have a KitPVP arena in spawn. It just needs a plugin implemented to make use of it. As a side note, since we still do not have many players, this may not be the best choice as something like this is more fun with more players.

So there is the three options. Note that all of these will eventually be implemented, we would like to know which feature you would like to see added first.


Love the idea of the auction house, would love to see what blocks the community values most. That being said, improved NPCs in the spawn would hopefully increase the chance of people returning to the server after their first visit. Giving people a sense of direction will help tons. I felt kinda lost when I first joined. Thankfully everyone was extremely helpful and things are running smooth for me now. Loving things so far, keep up the great work.

Just an afterthought, as fun as PVP may be, most people are joining for skyblock I imagine, so focusing on that before launching kitpvp might be for the best.
Voting has come to an end and the winning plugin was NPC Enchantments. I will start the plugin as soon as I finish the shops plugin. Once the plugin is complete, we will have another vote for the next feature to be added.

Thanks for voting.