Warriors Faction Application


New member
IGN: _XxWarriorxX_

Age (rough range is fine): 16-17

How long have you been playing on MadStoneMC: I’ve been playing in Maidstone MC for almost 2 weeks

Have you played factions before?: I have played a lot of factions, half of the servers I play are usually faction servers. I know all the basic stuff, and how it operates.

How many hours a day do you intend on playing?:I probably will pay 2-3 hours on week days and 2-6 on weekends.

Do you agree to report any bugs you come across?: Yes, I’ll report any bug I find.

Do you agree to the terms stated in the application format thread?: I agree to the terms states in the application format thread


Sr. Admin
Staff member
Your application to the MadStoneMC Factions Beta has been approved. To access the server, use the server selector compass on the hub, click the TNT block on the far right hand side and enjoy. Please remember, the server may or may not reset before going live (depending on the state of things in the server), we will not be giving notifications to whether or not the server will reset. Your access can be revoked at any time if we feel it necessary. Please report any bugs you find and NOT ABUSE them (as this will definitely get your access revoked). There is guaranteed to be frequent restarts when we are adding/modifying things. Thanks again for applying, happy raiding!