Update Survival Changelog #1

We will start out by announcing that all forward efforts are going towards updating to 1.16.1. With that out of the way, lets go ahead and begin.

  • Brandy Bellson (NPC to the left of military compound) now sells Golden Eggs for $300
  • Added a plugin to remove enchanted book trades from villagers - more on this below
  • Creepers now cause block damage outside of claims
  • The custom dragon has been added to the end - more on this below
  • SafePVP has been made bigger - Big thanks @Leeka
  • The flower girl NPCs trades have been nerfed a bit
  • Military compound NPCs (Rachael, Frankie and Medic) trades have been updated
  • Potion shop prices have been increased
  • Spawn eggs to convert spawners has been fixed
  • Maps have reset in an attempt to fix the signs in spawn from stopping working - more on this below
Villager Trades:
Enchanted book trades have been removed from villagers. This includes mending books. The reason behind this is that it makes mending incredibly too easy to get. The intended route for a mending book is through mcMMO. Fish out an item that has mending on it and salvage it at an anvil for a chance to recieve the enchanted book. You can also receive them in crates of course.

Maps have been reset to clear out all of the maps created by the previous plugin we used for making the boards in spawn. If you have a map that was broken due to this, contact a staff member to get it sorted as soon as possible.

The dragon has finally been added to the end marking the end of the first milestone for MadEnd.
<a vid will be posted here later>

Thanks for reading