Staff Application


New member
IGN: Ruxtr

Timezone: NA PST

Active Hours: Most times throughout the day

Average Hours Played Per Day: 9hrs

Age(optional): 25

Why do you want to become a staff member? I have been staff on two other servers in the past, I do not think they run anymore but i do enjoy playing the game as well as helping anyone that needs it or requires any help regarding anything, it helps make small server grow more and more and bring more players in.

Why do you think this position suits you? I do have experience in this position in other games as well as IRL i know the position can be taxing and stressing at times regardless of what happens its always a good idea to keep calm through most things and just talk things out with others. the more likeable you are more chance people will listen and respect you.

Do you have any previous experience as staff on a Minecraft server?
yes i do 2 other servers and my own server years ago



Staff member
Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the staff team on MadStoneMC. Please be patient as we review your application. Do not ask a staff member to review your application as this may result in denial.