Skyblock Dev Log #7


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Today we rolled out our own cobblestone generator plugin. This was done for 2 reason, 1 being somewhat major.

The first reason is if your island owner was offline, you would only get cobblestone. Now this is very obviously a downfall for players trying to progress (while others may actually want this as it is a nice source of cobblestone for stone bricks). If you want to see an option to set your generator to cobble only (until you run another command to re-enable the full gen, or until you relog) please say so here, and in the future I may add a command that sets your generator to only produce cobblestone.

The second reason is integration with HappyHour. The last plugin "supported" happy hour, but it was a hacky workaround. This should remove some of the bugginess that came along with the workaround.

For the most part you won't notice anything different unless your island leader is offline.

Another feature added with this is the ability to make "small generators" or generators that only take up 3 blocks space.
This is a picture demonstrating this:

This will allow for alot of different designs for cobble gens. My favorite is the "no loss" design:

Since the item goes up and sometimes over, it will have a harder time hitting the lava. Making lost materials on this one a minimal, and makes it a must for people just starting.

That sums up this short and sweet dev log.

Thanks for reading.


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Personally I don’t think adding a plugin to be able to switch is needed, I did some mining today and I still got loads of cobble even though I use fortune 3. But I’m Happy you guys changed to your own plugin tho. hopin on to try it rn!