Update SkyBlock Dev Log #4


Staff member
This week is a little short as we are running out of known bugs to fix :eek::eek:. If you have any bugs, please be sure to report them, thanks. So lets just get started.

  • Updated to 1.14.4 (any client 1.13+ can join, but the latest is always recommended)
  • Changed price of Reward Caches at the NPC Mauricius Aragorn (now costs 2 ancient gold bars instead of 10)
  • Fixed hoppers again (actually fixed it this time)
  • Fixed the tomes that did not work in the Reward Cache (if you have a tome that does nothing, contact a staff member to get it switched)
  • Adjusted some island block level values as well as adding a couple that were missing (to be adjusted further later on)
  • Added clay to all ore gens with a low chance of generating
  • Added end stone and purpur blocks to the HappyHour generator
That pretty much sums up this week. Thanks for reading :)