Update SkyBlock Dev Log #3


Staff member
Few changes for this week.

  • Adjusted terraforming values for nether quartz (made it terraform more often)
  • Adjusted challenge City of Quartz to require half of the blocks
  • Stopped cod from spawning in the world
  • Fixed nether mobs ignoring island mob limits
  • Fixed PVP in the nether (you can no longer hurt your island members)
  • Fixed hopper limits not counting hoppers in the nether
  • Added ink sacs to the MCMMO fishing drop table
  • Adding mending to the MCMMO fishing enchantment tabele
  • Challenge rewards for Golden Eggs and Supply Crates were fixed
  • Sorted out the fourth sites vote processing (finally)
  • Fixed a bug causing some sites to not tracked for vote streaks
  • Added a bit to the /home section of the beginner tutorial (suggested by @Messi7777 )
  • Added generic generator and ore list to the tutorial area (temporary fix until we find a better way) (suggested by @ONE )
  • Added a way to trade for Reward Caches
  • Added a tool to the Reward Cache that is perfect for terraforming :)
Thanks for reading.