Update SkyBlock Dev Log #2


Staff member
This weeks Maintenance Monday is a bit lengthy.

  • Updated Citizens (fixed truncated names)
  • fixed /istalk
  • fixed uskyblock island signs
  • fixed /is untrust (couldn't untrust people)
  • fixed /is tab complete allowing you to tab complete invisible players
  • Improved saving of backpacks
  • improved item handling for golden coins (now they will stack instead of giving you individual stacks)
  • adjused challenges
    • mobfarm - changed string to arrows
    • mushroomstew - changed repeat increment to 5 from 2 to lower the amount of golden eggs you can spam receive
  • fixed new mob prices in EpicSpawners (they were at a default of 400$)
  • Adjusted some shop prices (shops overhaul coming very soon :))
  • fixed some permissions
  • stopped the newer mobs from spawning in spawn
  • fixed epic spawners not counting kills towards spawners from mobs spawned by a spawner
  • Iron, Gold, Diamond and Emerald crates were significantly buffed
  • Added the new flowers to the FlowerPot
    • bamboo
    • wither rose
    • lily of the valley
    • cornflower
  • gave island value to terracotta blocks
  • add new mobs to golden egg
    • trader llama
    • wandering trader
    • fox
    • panda
    • cat
  • added new mobs to tainted golden egg
    • ravager
    • pillager
  • added golden coin drop to newer mobs
    • drowned
    • evoker
    • husk
    • illusioner
    • phantom
    • pillager
    • vex
    • vindicator
  • added messages to donation packages
  • fixed crate preview
Final notes. Still waiting on a fix for the view distance. Server is using excess RAM and I am getting pretty close to finding the problem. Working on limiting mobs per distance on your island.

Thanks for reading.