SkyBlock Dev Log #1


Staff member
There were a few fixes this Monday. I will just list them out as a list.

  • Updated 3 plugins that had newer versions
    • Citizens
    • LibDisguises
    • EditSign
  • Allocated more RAM to the server. This may fix the random lag spikes that we've been having.
  • Lowered the grass spread tick rate. Grass will now spread quicker.
  • Fixed /msg not tab completing players names.
  • Removed Lapis and Lapis Ore Blocks from the DIamond Crate (lapis is a bit too common and useless to be in it)
  • Removed Join/Quit messages. These were unneeded and annoying
  • Fixed /forums command. It now links you the forums URL
  • Fixed /istalk. It is now usable again. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
As a last note. I looked into lowering the view distance to lower the RAM usage and increase server performance, but it seems that for now this is disabled due to Mojang changing the way chunk loading works. For now this will be put on hiatus until a fix is presented.

Thanks for reading.