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Skyblock Update

Today we are pleased to inform you that we have made the upgrade to 1.14.3. There was quite a bit of work to get here, but we've made it at last. You can now join SkyBlock on any clients between 1.13 and 1.14.3. We have opted to not allow clients pre-1.13 due to the bugs involved with ProtocolSupport that would make their gameplay less than enjoyable.

What does this mean for challenges?

Currently we have no intentions on adding any 1.14+ items to the challenges. This is to make everybodies experience as close as possible to one another. That being said, we may in the future add 1.14+ items and mobs to the challenges if we find that most players are playing on the latest version.

Should you upgrade your client?

My personal suggestion to whether or not you should upgrade your client is a definite yes. The reason I say that so easily is there was a patch in the release after 1.13.2 which fixed a bug that has been menacing Minecraft for as far as I can remember. That bug being lag when you place blocks directly over the void. More can be found here.

Moving Forward

Our next objective is to bring more content to the SkyBlock server and work on the release of another server (with the hub server opening as well). Later once we get settled a little more, we will create a forum post with a poll asking you which type of server you would like to see next. We will also have a post with a poll asking you which feature you would like to see added to the SkyBlock server next.

Thanks for reading :)
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