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Rewards Program

In this thread, I wish to outline something we have come up with as a special thank you for people who support our community so we can continue thriving. The rewards program is a program that allows people who have supported us to design an item or particle effect. There are multiple tiers of rewards and which one you can do is based upon how much you have spent in the store. The thing they design is then added in game in some form. If the person who designed the item has an idea on how it can be added, we will hear it. That however does not mean that is how it will be added in the end. Please note that designing an item does not mean you get one of the items, this is mainly due to EULA compliance.

How its decided what tier item you can make

As stated above, the tier you can design is directly correlated to how much you have spent in the store, but that is just the short of it. Essentially we add up the total of all you have purchased and that is how much you have spent. Then we look to see if you have created any previous items. If you have created an item before, we subtract the amount that is needed to design an item of that tier. So if you have spent 50$ in the store and have designed an item that is tier 2 (lets say this tier is 20$) your current applicable amount is 30$.

Please note that any part of this rewards program can change at any time.


The tiers are still under deliberation, please be patient and check back later.
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