My application for Factions (This would be the best for everyone)


New member
IGN: GingerGhoul

Age (rough range is fine): 14

How long have you been playing on MadStoneMC: 6 months or so (About when we started lockdown in UK)

Have you played factions before?: Yes I'm very familiar as many might realise in the way I play survival.

How many hours a day do you intend on playing?: Variated amount based on what I'm doing on certain days. (I have school in the week) Most likely 4-7 hours minimum.

Do you agree to report any bugs you come across?: I promise and agree to report any bugs I come across.

Do you agree to the terms stated in the application format thread?:
I agree to all terms in the application format thread but I do understand if you don't want me to be a beta tester that's fine but in my opinion it would benefit everyone who plays survival on MadstoneMc.