Maksine_f's application


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IGN: Maksine_f

Timezone: UTC+04:00

Active Hours: almost 10am-6pm

Average Hours Played Per Day: 4-5 days a week 5-8 per day

Age(optional): 16

Why do you want to become a staff member? i would like to become staff because i noticed the server does not have a anti cheat so i would like to help monitor for cheaters, as well as help build and do anything required by the owners or admins.

Why do you think this position suits you? I think this position suits me because i can be friendly and if someone is breaking the rule i can deal with it calmly without anyone escalating the situation.

Do you have any previous experience as staff on a Minecraft server?
i have been builder on another server and i have been hired to build alot of things and was a admin on a server

This was ment for survival and im not sure how to delete it sorry
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Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the staff team on MadStoneMC. Please be patient as we review your application. Do not ask a staff member to review your application as this may result in denial.