Announcement Factions is LIVE!

The day is finally here. After many long hours of @Cazmik tweaking everything exactly how he wanted, factions is finally in a state in which is ready to open to the public. There have been many delays in the process, but with much perseverance we are finally ready to launch. A huge thank you to those who applied to or assisted in testing for our closed BETA. Your help has been invaluable and very appreciated and we wouldn't be here without you.

Post-Lauch Factions

With the server launched, the MadStoneMC Factions team will continue to strive for a better experience for any and all players. Development will continue and regular updates will be made. To help us make the best Factions experience possible, we have a bugs/suggestions channels on both discord and the forums. Here we will review any and all feedback, and hopefully implement your suggestion.

Thanks again to everyone who logged in during the Factions BETA, and thanks again for choosing MadStoneMC!