Darealskeppy's Staff Application


New member
IGN: Darealskeppy

Timezone: Mountain Time Zone

Active Hours: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 12 pm - 4 pm (sometimes 7pm - 10 pm). Tuesday, Thursday: 8pm - 10pm

Average Hours Played Per Day: 5 hours

Age(optional): 15

Why do you want to become a staff member?

I want to become a member of staff for multiple reasons. First of all, I have noticed that I enjoy communicating and helping the community with all of their problems. I also want to become a member of staff so that I can learn more about this server, and try to help it grow larger.
Why do you think this position suits you?
I know that this position suits me because I have experience owning a Minecraft server, and I experience with virtually every moderating plugin I would need to use. I also think that this would be a good place for me because I am very social, and will help your community grow. Finally, I have operated my own build and dev team, giving me experience working with a team in this type of environment.
Do you have any previous experience as staff on a Minecraft server?
I have owned and operated a Minecraft server with over 15 members of staff.

To end this application I would like to add that I have a lot of confidence in this server, and am exited to help it grow, even if I am not accepted as staff.


New member
Also, before you make a final decision I am open to interviews so that you can get to know me better :)


New member
Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the staff team on MadStoneMC. Please be patient as we review your application. Do not ask a staff member to review your application as this may result in denial.