CRAY0NZ Staff Application :D


New member
The format is as followed:


Timezone: pacific standered time (aka The Complete opposite of urs XD)

Active Hours: Im so sorry but I don't know what this means ( how many hours ive played so far or how many today so ima put both xd. for forever its something around ALOT xd, and for today maybe like 6-7 hrs

Average Hours Played Per Day: 5-6hrs depending on sports (srry)

Age(optional): I sorry But I Don't Feel Comfortable

Why do you want to become a staff member?
I want to become a staff member because this server changed me, it brought the good in me and seeing how everyone u meet isn't always bad, for example, when I fisrt started, I didn't have a clue what skyblock was, but then ellie came along,then dj, then lurk and leeka all welcoming me with open arms and positive attitudes, another reason why I wanted to is because this server is just the best, I would love to throw my ideas out there to the team to show them I am a good and smart person, I deticate my time on doing something and never quit, I work my ways around obsticles and never let my head down, so I hope u guys consider me, also I would love to take some weight off everyones backs, u guys are so commited and nothing will stop u to get the job done, so I hope If I was accepted I could take some stress off ur guys backs XD (especially lurk).

Why do you think this position suits you?
I think that this position would suit me because I am a kind person, caring and would never shame anyone or do anything to make someone feel bad about themselves, same as the admins already. Another reason is that I get along well with people, I always put others needs before me and making sure everyone is having fun :D. And also I have a suit XD.

Do you have any previous experience as staff on a Minecraft server?
I do not have any experience with staff, I get the main idea , I know Im a newb when it comes to this but that's why I wanted to put myself out there and try to learn to do this stuff while making everyone happy, thank you so much to whoever reads this whole thing im sorry for making it soooooo long, Until next time :)...


Staff member
Thank you for showing expression of interest in joining the MadStoneMC staff team!

Please be patient as we go through and deliberate over staff applications. As a side note, it is not a good idea to ask about the status of a staff application as it may result in you being denied. As soon as we come to a decision, we will let you know through in game as well as here on the forums.