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Soon we will be opening a Survival server, and with that we would like to offer our players a chance to play in the closed beta and help us bring the server to a ready to launch point. Please note that any progress made during the closed beta is not guaranteed to be left for the server launch. If something happens that causes an imbalance in the economy such as duping, we will surely reset. This server will start as minimal as possible to begin with and slowly progress forward. We will be using the valuable input we get from you to help with the decisions we choose to make and the way we do things.

Please note that by signing up for this closed beta, you are also agreeing to report any bugs found. Abuse of said bugs can result in revocation of your access to the server until launch.


How long have you been playing on MadStoneMC:

Why do you want to be a part of this beta:

Do you agree to report any and all bugs?:
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