Being Jailed for no reason what so ever...


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IGN: Abve
What was your penalty? Being Jailed for 7d
Who was it that issued the penalty? Sunnydellish
What were the events that took place that led to you receiving the penalty? Sealengend1000 thretend me and gingy and falleke that he would greif our house and make it look bad, me and gingy were in safepvp messing around with him and he /trusted flexmcm and he took all his stuff and left,
after he took all his stuff sea relised and unclaimed And in no point he said dont take iron picks and he said im going and then we took like some bread and left him alone i dont understand how this is our fault when its his fault for uncliaming his land we did not ever greif him at all all we did was loot 2-3 things what i think isnt fair at all he was planing to kill me and gingy and flex did what he wanted to do me and gingy are not evven involved in this and even in the past when ivve killed him for saying stuff to me its been his faultt for tping to me and even tut agrees...

Why do you think it should be reversed? i feel like it should be reversed and i should be let out for not even touching the situaton i didnt know that im not aloud to take stuff out of unclaimed place where no one is and no one lives there, i feel like it seas fault for trusting flex and also his fault for unclaiming all..



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Thank you for your appeal. We will take the time to look at your case and come to an overall ruling. Please note that this could take up to 24 hours, so we thank you for your patience in the meantime.