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  1. CRAY0NZ

    Nether Wartz

    if u could sell nether wartz it could open up a lot of new farming ideas and bring in a whole new way torn economy
  2. CRAY0NZ

    brewing stand

    1.14.3 I realized it only crashes if its a natural brewing stand
  3. CRAY0NZ

    brewing stand

    when I try to use it completely crashes my game
  4. CRAY0NZ


    Boats are a bit bugged will do nothing u cant break or use after a while
  5. CRAY0NZ

    CRAY0NZ Closed Beta Application :D

    TYSM lurk ur the best
  6. CRAY0NZ

    CRAY0NZ Survival Application :D

    IGN: Timezone: Pacific standered (opposite of urs) Active Hours: Idk what means so heres what I think srry (I played 4 hrs today on skyblock Average Hours Played Per Day: I will be able to play around 4-5hrs Age(optional): srry but I dnt feel comfortable Why do you want to become a staff...
  7. CRAY0NZ

    Sorry for trouble

    sorry nvm figured it out I don't know how to delete
  8. CRAY0NZ

    CRAY0NZ Staff Application :D

    Ty Lurk
  9. CRAY0NZ

    Sorry for trouble

    I don't know how to change my profile pic can u plz help me I know its stupid and im newb but can u pls
  10. CRAY0NZ

    Kind Friendly Person Ready to help !!!

    Kind Friendly Person Ready to help !!!
  11. CRAY0NZ

    CRAY0NZ Closed Beta Application :D

    Username: CRAY0NZ How long have you been playing on MadStoneMC: Since the opening 1 day afte beta Why do you want to be a part of this beta: I love trying new things and would be absolutely thrilled if I could help with bugs and other stuff so that there is no imbalance in the game and...
  12. CRAY0NZ

    CRAY0NZ Staff Application :D

    The format is as followed: IGN: CRAY0NZ Timezone: pacific standered time (aka The Complete opposite of urs XD) Active Hours: Im so sorry but I don't know what this means ( how many hours ive played so far or how many today so ima put both xd. for forever its something around ALOT xd, and...
  13. CRAY0NZ

    Cray'z Staff Application :D

    Dear lurk and leeka I am here to ask if u could consider me for a staff on madstone, I am active and kind, and will tur anything negative int something fun! I hope u consider me :D ~Cray
  14. CRAY0NZ

    Announcement Which plugin would you like to see implemented next?

    Auction House Would Be Pretty Fun