SkyBlock Changelog #2

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  • An issue where a player being attacked by pigmen would be teleported to the overworld has been fixed.
  • When a player enters a nether portal, the portal searches a radius to find an existing portal, this search radius has been decreased to improve accuracy

Survival Changelog #5

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  • Previously the Overlord rank tags were not working, this has since been fixed and [birb] and [overlord] are now available to be used if you meet the requirements.
  • When a player died in PvP their items would not drop, this has been fixed and now all of a players loot will drop upon death.
  • When using MCMMO repair (use command "/repair" and "/repair ?" to learn more about it in game) to fix an item such as a "Choppy" with overlevelled enchantments such as efficiency 6, these enchants would be degraded. This issue has been fixed.
  • The Wandering trader has changed location and can now be found near /park and comes with some *crazy* new trades!

SkyBlock Changelog #1

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  • Two community chest has been added to /crates. These chests can be used by players to put their unwanted crate items into in hopes that another player may take them.
  • There are now spawner egg traders in spawn located near the fountain. The basic trade is a sheep spawner and a mob egg, for example if the mob egg you trade with is a cow spawn egg, the spawner you will get after the trade would be a cow spawner.
  • Elytras no longer take durability damage in /spawn.
  • The rental boards in the community hall have had their regions fixed, this allows proper placement and interaction of signs.
  • The Christmas themed spawn has been removed and replaced with the original spawn.
  • SkyBlock now has its own /safepvp. This is an area where you can fight with other players without risk of losing your items or durability.

Survival Changelog #4

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  • The patch for stability issues is still being worked on, this is our highest priority
  • A re-roll for hostile spawn eggs will be added in /spawn soon in the same manner as the passive mobs

Survival Changelog #3

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  • Elytras were taking durability damage in the Mall and in Spawn, this has been fixed
  • Spawn has returned to its non Christmas state
  • Fixed vote count saving
  • The fishing daily quest has been added to the 20 hour rotation along with the other daily quests

Policy on Bullying

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Here at MadStoneMC we have a strict zero tolerance to bullying.

If you or someone that you know is being bullied on our server, please inform a member of staff and it will be dealt with.

Bullying is serious and may lead to mental health issues for its victims. If you are affected by bullying on or off our server, or have any mental health concerns, please use one of the following links to seek additional professional help. Please keep in mind that we are not qualified professionals but we are here to support you.


MadStoneMC Staff Team

Survival Changelog #2

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  • Various plugin and server optimizations have been made.
  • We have added a QuestGUI to make the creation of quests easier for us.
  • There is a new daily quest available from William Turner near the dock.
  • Multiverse inventories has been added so that staff don't have to ask players to clear their inventories before sending them to other worlds.
  • Our MadToolBox has had some issues with MCMMO xp not counting and that has since been fixed. The S tier Axe now also has haste.
  • MCMMO Fishing drop table has been adjusted.
  • Pets are now available for purchase from the store, with some of them being inside the crates.
  • /shop, /shops, /market, /mall, /warp mall and /warp market will take you to the new player run shops area.
  • /usekey and /keys will redirect to /crates.

Update Survival Update

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Today we had a brief downtime. This downtime was to update the server.

For starters we updated all public plugins to their latest versions hopefully resolving some issues with those plugins.
Second we updated the server from 1.16.1 to 1.16.4.
Finally there were some changes to the dragon fight.
  • The death sound should no longer be a globally played sound and only those within a certain distance will hear it.
  • Path finding was improved a little bit to stop those instances where the dragon just stops moving (they will still happen, just not as frequently)
  • The movement of the dragon should be a little more fluid.
On top of the above, we put in a measure to see if it will stop the server TPS from tanking.


Announcement Content Creator Program

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We are proud to introduce our MadStoneMC Content Creator Program!
This program is for the Twitch and YouTube streamers and recorders we have out there. You apply for this program in this subthread on the forums. Please copy the format in the format post.

If you are accepted into our program then you will be granted a /prefix of either Twitch or YouTube and a tag of LIVE or RECORDING. You will also be granted permission for posting in the #creator-content on our Discord.
However, the only posts allowed in there MUST be MadStoneMC related.

Standard guidelines of your chosen streaming or recording platform must be followed and we appreciate a family friendly stream or having 18+ tags in your stream titles for a more mature audience.

In order to keep the perks of being a MadStoneMC Content Creator you will need to remain as an active streamer or recorder of MadStoneMC content, otherwise the permissions will be revoked.

Our content creators will be able to give away our Dreamer...

Announcement Factions is LIVE!

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The day is finally here. After many long hours of @Cazmik tweaking everything exactly how he wanted, factions is finally in a state in which is ready to open to the public. There have been many delays in the process, but with much perseverance we are finally ready to launch. A huge thank you to those who applied to or assisted in testing for our closed BETA. Your help has been invaluable and very appreciated and we wouldn't be here without you.

Post-Lauch Factions

With the server launched, the MadStoneMC Factions team will continue to strive for a better experience for any and all players. Development will continue and regular updates will be made. To help us make the best Factions experience possible, we have a bugs/suggestions channels on both discord and the forums. Here we will review any and all feedback, and hopefully implement your suggestion.

Thanks again to everyone who logged in during the Factions BETA, and thanks again for choosing MadStoneMC!

Update Survival Changelog #1

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We will start out by announcing that all forward efforts are going towards updating to 1.16.1. With that out of the way, lets go ahead and begin.

  • Brandy Bellson (NPC to the left of military compound) now sells Golden Eggs for $300
  • Added a plugin to remove enchanted book trades from villagers - more on this below
  • Creepers now cause block damage outside of claims
  • The custom dragon has been added to the end - more on this below
  • SafePVP has been made bigger - Big thanks @Leeka
  • The flower girl NPCs trades have been nerfed a bit
  • Military compound NPCs (Rachael, Frankie and Medic) trades have been updated
  • Potion shop prices have been increased
  • Spawn eggs to convert spawners has been fixed
  • Maps have reset in an attempt to fix the signs in spawn from stopping working - more on this below
Villager Trades:
Enchanted book trades have been removed from villagers. This includes mending books. The reason behind this is that it...

Announcement Linking IGN to forum account

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Forum and Minecraft Account Integration

If you do not currently have your IGN linked to your forum account, it is quite a simple process. To link your account, simple copy the command either at the top of every page or on the account creation page, and run that in game. You should then get a message in game informing you whether or not it was successful. If it failed for whatever reason, please contact a staff member, or post in the help section.

Linking your forum account helps us and others determine what account the forum account belongs to. It also sets your profile picture to your player head.