Stability Issues (Cause found!)

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As many of you are painfully aware we have been suffering from some very serious stability issues. We haven't made a post acknowledging these issues as we did not know the cause. That however is no longer the case as we've identified the cause and are working on a patch!
As frustrating as this is please continue being patient and understanding as we work to resolve this!

In regards to any roll backs, lose of items or issues with ranks we promise that there will be more than fair compensation once everything returns to normal.

We sincerely thank each and every one of you for your patience and understanding!

Survival Changelog #11

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Staff Changes
  • There has been no change to the staff roster
Other Changes
  • When a new player joins Survival they will be directed to a new room that gives them the option to teleport directly to our tutorial or to the standard spawn. We encourage you all to make use of /tutorial and to give us feedback on things to add to it!
  • Some tags have had their colours adjusted, Leeka is also working on revamping some of the old tag packs to be "FANCY!"
  • The Resource World is now open for business! You can get there by using /rstp
Bug Fixes
  • The VIP Chess had a mild bug where it may grant participants extra health once they have left the board. This has been fixed!

Skyblock Changelog #8

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Changes & Improvements:
- Hopper limit now increases based on your island level! (Maximum 25)
- Item prices at /warp shops have been adjusted. Sugar cane has been reduced, many others have been increased, with the goal of giving you more viable options to make money
- Reduce price of dirt to 40
- Added a new drop from hostile monsters, the energy crystals (0.25% drop rate)
- Added a new NPC to the /warp shops, where you can exchange Energy Crystals for pets!
- New players will have 7 days of keepinventory enabled on their first login!
- Donator ranks can now sell contents of shulker boxes (simply click the shop npc with the shulker box in your hand)
- Donator ranks now have access to higher /tfly speed values, and gain more tfly time as daily bonus (see...

Survival Changelog #10

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Apologies for the delay, I have been extremely busy lately.

Staff Changes
  • We have welcomed ReleasedL1zard3 as our newest Jr Mod
Other Changes
  • /warp tutorial or simply /tutorial is now live. Please check it out and if there's something you think we may have missed please let us know in the survival suggestions channel on discord.
  • When a regular player creates an armour stand it will give them a piece of paper saying that armour stands are for Immortal ranks and above. We made this change because of trolls that were attempting to bring our server down by spamming them.
  • The Vote Crate has received a "Common Lost Book" as a drop.
  • The Lucky Crate has received a "Rare Lost Book" as a drop.
  • The Nitro Cache has had the "supply drop" removed from its loot table.
  • Survival's custom item museum is well underway and features a lot of the drops from all of our crates as...

Skyblock Changelog #7

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Changes & Improvements:
  • Added gender alternatives to some ranks like King & Lord
  • Allow /tptoggle for everybody (used to disable teleport requests)
  • Increase dirt obtained from challenges
  • Change acquisition of King Gear. You now get it from the Lurkrul & Leeka NPCs at /warp StaffRoom
  • Added pets! You can call them with /pet, as well as name them, call them to you or make them sit. More pets will be added soon!
  • You unlock the MiniMe pet at King Rank
  • Added a map of the entire spawn area at /spawn
  • Added keep inventory for nomad ranks (maximum 7 days). So for the first 7 days, or until you reach Forager rank, you won't lose items when you die. (does not affect your backpack!)
  • Added TempFly...

Survival Changelog #9

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Staff Changes
  • We have welcomed Ruxtr to our staff team as a Jr. Mod
  • Crymson_ has been promoted from a Jr. Mod to a Mod
  • Our staff podium has been slightly altered to include space for Mods
  • There are new staff prefixes that you may see, "SkyMan" and "HubMan". These are given to the managers of the other servers so that they can be identified when they pay visits to Survival, Survival managers will be given the prefix of "SurvMan" when we visit other servers.
Other Changes
  • Rose_Storm, Ruxtr and Crymson_ heads are now be obtainable from the staff head package from our gift crate
  • The Crazy Enchant items have been removed from the wandering trader and are now obtainable through the crate system at /crates, /usekey and /keys.
  • All players are now able to run /ce info. This command will bring up a UI where a player can navigate through...

SkyBlock Changelog #6

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Changes & Improvements:
- The 25 block limit of the Wings enchant has been removed. You can now fly while being close to other players!
- Added Staff Heads Pack, which gives you a head of a random staff member. You obtain it by exchanging the 'Enchanted' Golden Apple from the Gift Crate at the tavern.
- Added exclusive tags as milestone rewards for voting! (Check /tags)
- Added a few more biomes to /is biome (some of them not obtainable yet, coming soon)
- Added Prefix Switcher Plugin: Do /prefix to change your rank prefix in chat / tablist
- Added gender preferences to prefixes. For example at [King] rank you can choose to display [King] or [Queen].

Survival Changelog #8

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  • An NPC in /town, Phillip Aragorn, now stocks Mystery Pages that can be traded with the Enderpearldealer in /warp end for tomes!

SkyBlock Changelog #5

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  • SkyBlock now has its Manager position filled by none other than Tyrina! Please congratulate them when you get a chance!
  • Tamer NPC trader has been added to spawn where you can have your tamer enchantment removed from your King's Leggings
  • The Terraormer 9000 shovel has been added to the Reward Caches
  • /warp tutorial has had a makeover by our SkyBlock staff team
  • The "welcome" message has been updated to look like Survival's one

Survival Changelog #7

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  • The Dark Wizard NPC has been moved to make certain tasks easier to accomplish
  • Crazy Enchant trades from the trader are currently "out of stock". If you missed out on these items you will have to wait for a future update where they may be added back in some way
  • PvP has been added back to the world
  • New tomes have been implemented, these are the smithing table tome, powertool tome, loom tome, kittycannon tome, instant teleports tome, anvil tome and the PvP toggle tome
  • All the new tomes have been added to the enderpearldealer trader in the end to be traded for mystery paper
  • Jobs have been added, this was a highly requested feature so it has been implemented. Apparently the pumpkins in the farmer job weren't working, they have been fixed
  • The Construction Zone has been added, only VIPs are able to build in it currently. You can get there with the command "/warp ConstructionZone
  • There is a 10 second timer for key drops (for when players are in the buildzone...

SkyBlock Changelog #4

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  • Mob head drops have been fixed, meaning you are now able to complete your mob head challenges
  • A new tag pack has been added to the /store
  • An auto message purchasing system to advertise your island in the /store

Survival Changelog #6

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  • You can now access the second page of /tags and a back button has been implemented
  • Certain mobs weren't spawning from spawners, this has been fixed. If you find any mobs that wont spawn please let us know!
  • Mall changes have been implemented. We have removed the ugly glowstone markers from the /mall and added new planters for the time being. The prices of small shops are $10 for 10 days, medium shops are $100 for 10 days and the large shops are $1000 days for 10 days.
  • Spawners have been edited.
    We were unable to go near certain players bases as it would pretty much crash our games.

    What we did?
    Increased the radius in which spawners check for other mobs before they spawn.
    Lowered the distance you have to be away from iron golems to have them spawn.

    Possible other stuffs.
    There are other potential fixes in the works, this is not the end product.

SkyBlock Changelog #3

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  • Added the interact allow flag to /warp hall regions. Something more permanent will need adding to prevent it reverting.
  • Wither Skeletons have finally been fixed and will now spawn from spawners! If you find more mobs that don't spawn please let us know as we now have an easy fix.

SkyBlock Changelog #2

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  • An issue where a player being attacked by pigmen would be teleported to the overworld has been fixed.
  • When a player enters a nether portal, the portal searches a radius to find an existing portal, this search radius has been decreased to improve accuracy

Survival Changelog #5

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  • Previously the Overlord rank tags were not working, this has since been fixed and [birb] and [overlord] are now available to be used if you meet the requirements.
  • When a player died in PvP their items would not drop, this has been fixed and now all of a players loot will drop upon death.
  • When using MCMMO repair (use command "/repair" and "/repair ?" to learn more about it in game) to fix an item such as a "Choppy" with overlevelled enchantments such as efficiency 6, these enchants would be degraded. This issue has been fixed.
  • The Wandering trader has changed location and can now be found near /park and comes with some *crazy* new trades!

SkyBlock Changelog #1

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  • Two community chest has been added to /crates. These chests can be used by players to put their unwanted crate items into in hopes that another player may take them.
  • There are now spawner egg traders in spawn located near the fountain. The basic trade is a sheep spawner and a mob egg, for example if the mob egg you trade with is a cow spawn egg, the spawner you will get after the trade would be a cow spawner.
  • Elytras no longer take durability damage in /spawn.
  • The rental boards in the community hall have had their regions fixed, this allows proper placement and interaction of signs.
  • The Christmas themed spawn has been removed and replaced with the original spawn.
  • SkyBlock now has its own /safepvp. This is an area where you can fight with other players without risk of losing your items or durability.

Survival Changelog #4

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  • The patch for stability issues is still being worked on, this is our highest priority
  • A re-roll for hostile spawn eggs will be added in /spawn soon in the same manner as the passive mobs

Survival Changelog #3

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  • Elytras were taking durability damage in the Mall and in Spawn, this has been fixed
  • Spawn has returned to its non Christmas state
  • Fixed vote count saving
  • The fishing daily quest has been added to the 20 hour rotation along with the other daily quests

Policy on Bullying

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Here at MadStoneMC we have a strict zero tolerance to bullying.

If you or someone that you know is being bullied on our server, please inform a member of staff and it will be dealt with.

Bullying is serious and may lead to mental health issues for its victims. If you are affected by bullying on or off our server, or have any mental health concerns, please use one of the following links to seek additional professional help. Please keep in mind that we are not qualified professionals but we are here to support you.


MadStoneMC Staff Team

Survival Changelog #2

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  • Various plugin and server optimizations have been made.
  • We have added a QuestGUI to make the creation of quests easier for us.
  • There is a new daily quest available from William Turner near the dock.
  • Multiverse inventories has been added so that staff don't have to ask players to clear their inventories before sending them to other worlds.
  • Our MadToolBox has had some issues with MCMMO xp not counting and that has since been fixed. The S tier Axe now also has haste.
  • MCMMO Fishing drop table has been adjusted.
  • Pets are now available for purchase from the store, with some of them being inside the crates.
  • /shop, /shops, /market, /mall, /warp mall and /warp market will take you to the new player run shops area.
  • /usekey and /keys will redirect to /crates.