Announcement Which plugin would you like to see implemented next?

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We have a lot of things planned, and are working towards fulfilling all of the plans. But we want to hear from you, the players, which feature you would like to see added first. I will give a description on what each plugin encompasses so you can make your decision with more information instead of guessing what may sound the best.

Auction House: This option is pretty simple and self explanatory, we want to add an auction house. Instead of it being your standard auction plugin, where you run the command and buy/sell from anywhere we want you to have to go to an actual location. This location will be underneath the Community Hall. To buy, sell or pick up an item, you will have to visit the auction house. You will however be able to run the auction command to see what is on the auction house from anywhere.

NPC Enchants:
This option will give 2...

Announcement Skyblock 1.14.3

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Skyblock Update

Today we are pleased to inform you that we have made the upgrade to 1.14.3. There was quite a bit of work to get here, but we've made it at last. You can now join SkyBlock on any clients between 1.13 and 1.14.3. We have opted to not allow clients pre-1.13 due to the bugs involved with ProtocolSupport that would make their gameplay less than enjoyable.

What does this mean for challenges?

Currently we have no intentions on adding any 1.14+ items to the challenges. This is to make everybodies experience as close as possible to one another. That being said, we may in the future add 1.14+ items and mobs to the challenges if we find that most players are playing on the latest version.

Should you upgrade your client?


Announcement Server Launch

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Server Launch

Hooray! The day is finally here. After a lot of work and one month of beta testing, we have finally arrived at a state in which we are ready to go live! After facing many trials and tribulations, we have finally made it. A big thank you to all of those who have logged in and helped test many things in the past month or two.

Immediately Post Launch

The first goal upon going live is to polish performance quite a bit. Since we haven't had more than 12 people on at any given time, we are still unsure on how the server will respond to a greater amount of players. After we are satisfied that the performance is acceptable and there are no bugs, we will immediately move towards a newer version of Minecraft. Since the server was built with 1.13.2 in mind, it would be a lot of work and a later launch date upgrading before going...

Announcement Linking IGN to forum account

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Forum and Minecraft Account Integration

If you do not currently have your IGN linked to your forum account, it is quite a simple process. To link your account, simple copy the command either at the top of every page or on the account creation page, and run that in game. You should then get a message in game informing you whether or not it was successful. If it failed for whatever reason, please contact a staff member, or post in the help section.

Linking your forum account helps us and others determine what account the forum account belongs to. It also sets your profile picture to your player head.